Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Paranormal Adventures: The Salesian Cemetery of Goshen, New York

Location: Salesian Park (Follow Craigville Rd to the rear of the park), Goshen, NY Google Map

This cemetery sits behind the abandoned Salesian School where a boy died by falling (or he was possibly thrown according to a more recent coroner's re-examination of the evidence) from the roof; you can read the story here. Funny, as much as I love cemeteries I have yet to write a scene that includes one in any of my books. And the scene is worthy of dark fantasy: corpses, weathered headstones, and unusual statues, not to mention, cemeteries are filled with beautiful and some historical artifacts and scenery.

A crucifix in the Salesian Cemetery at Salesian Park in Goshen, New York
Stephen King (whom I love to read), he wrote this crazy story that set us up to fear our pets after they die with the idea of dark magic that exists in a sacred burial spot over disheveled earth with his book, Pet Sematary. (Interesting note: The Ramones were "buried alive" at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for their music video performed for Stephen King's Pet Sematary movie. You can find my blog on the Sleepy Hollow cemetery here.)

Statue of Mary and infant often found at the entry of Catholic sites. She is the first statue to greet you  in the Salesian Cemetery at Salesian Park in Goshen, New York
Christianity and other religions mark their own sacred spots for the dead too by blessing it with holiness, places better known as hallowed ground, often used in paranormal literature. But whether you believe cemeteries are the dead's holy place or not, the bottom line - cemeteries also represent the best of the living, the best of humanity.

The Grim and Charming:

When I visited this cemetery a thin blanket of snow spread across the ground. From below my feet, came the sparkle of white icy flakes, which gave the earth a glow. Nestled between black trees left baron by the cold of winter, rested this cemetery of well-laid walking paths, matching marble headstones, and intricately carved life-sized statues. The scene is a tribute to loved ones passed on. The dead may not be obviously beautiful, but the place where they rest and the tributes residing with them here is.

Love this flag at the Salesian Cemetery
And this why I love cemeteries so much. They are a reminder of our mortality and how short our time is. We will be longer dead, than we will be alive. But with or without religion, death is not the end of our humanity. Despite scientific evidence against life after death...our love, our connections, and our hope for others perseveres in small plots of earth where we can visit and continue to cherish life even after it is gone.

Links (because knowledge is power against all evil):

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