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Paranormal Adventures: A Serial Killer's Farm House Burned - Lessons in the Ruins

Location: Site has burned down – Goshen, NY Google Map
Nathaniel White's farm house, a serial killer's lair in ruins
I won’t lie, this trip scared me. I felt anxious before we even got into the car. This trip reaffirmed that its not ghosts or the dead I’m afraid of, but monsters. Real ones…

Beautiful view of the pond next to the ruins
Goshen continues to inspire us, but the charming town was once home to Nathaniel White convicted (through confession) of raping, beating, and murdering six women, including a fourteen-year-old teenager (his girlfriend’s niece) from 1991 thru 1992. Not all of the bodies were found at this site as some where left in other nearby places-abandoned railroad tracks, a lake, a restaurant, and in a victim’s own home.

Beautiful view of the pond next Nathaniel White's farm house now in ruins
Nathaniel White now resides in a supermax prison, the Attica Correctional Facility, in New York. He has been sentenced to 150 years imprisonment. Two victim’s bodies were once found slain inside the home and it was abandoned afterward in 1992. A fire in the summer of 2015 left the farm house (pictured) in ruin. There is no report of how the fire started, which remains a mystery. Surrounding the charred home is a serene scene of picturesque farmland with a beautiful pond that is quite charming even in the cold of winter. But the sparkle of white winter snow does nothing to erase the sense of looming dread or the sad memory of young people who were lost here.

The Grim & Charming:

Top of the ruins under which two women were found beaten and slain
Murderers, especially mass murderers, are the worst of grim; they are reapers. But there are lessons to be learned here from the victims and their families. The first is to trust one’s gut and never give up. When the family of a missing loved one couldn’t find answers from police, the relatives did their own investigation, which led to clues in solving the case and identifying the killer. Also, women should never go home with someone they’ve met at a bar. (Sounds like a no brainer, but it happens all the time!). This is how White snatched some of his victims and how he was later caught. So, women should always use the buddy system, and stay within a group when going out on the town with friends. Lastly, if someone seems creepy, ditch em! Life is meant to be charming. A relative of the slain admitted she had an uneasy feeling about the killer. When we don’t have good feelings about an individual, we should trust our instincts and steer clear of them.

Be wary of the warning signs. Hunters are not always so.
P.S. If you’re reading this for the second time, you might notice this postscript was not available before. Truth is, I felt it necessary to rewrite this post after it was published several times over. I couldn’t sleep for weeks thinking about the victims whereas their killer resides alive – still eating and breathing. I added “the lessons” in hopes that I would do the victims some justice. Hopefully, we can learn from those who have passed on before us, which is the way it’s meant to be.

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